About Us



Founded in 2014, SDI and smokman are the leading brands of Shenzhen SDI Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., specializing in the research and development, production and sales of e-cigarettes, covering all markets around the world. SDI focuses on e-cigarette technology research and development, OEM &ODM, brand building, and development and management of domestic and international sales channels. With continuous innovation, SDI products have attracted massive consumers worldwide, making SDI a famous global brand in the electronic cigarette industry.

Why choose us?

SDI not only produces high quality products, but hope to empower our consumers to live a healthier life and enjoy a healthier alternative to tobacco. To make consumers healthier and happier are our passion.

SDI has a complete customer service system to ensure smooth and efficient cooperation. SDI not only focuses on design and quality but also provides first-class customer service for win-win. SDI believes that choosing partners is like choosing friends. Choosing SDI is a best decision.

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